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Our Annual General Meeting 2022

All members of Seymour FM 103.9 Community Radio are cordially invited to our AGM for 2022 (postponed because of the flood)-- NOW due to take place on Thursday March 30 at 7pm at Seymour FM studio, 57 Pollard St, Seymour.




1.Confirmation of Minutes of last AGM

2.Confirmation of Minutes of SGM

3.Annual Report on the Association including Financial Report for


4.Election of members of the committee; President, Vice-President,

Secretary, 2 ordinary members

5.Confirm or vary the amount of the annual subscription and joining fee

6.Proposal to bring our rules into alignment with our standard proxy form

that restricts anyone from being a proxy for more than one person at a


7.Proposal to bring our rules into alignment with current and relevant


8.Life Member Award for 2022

Please note that in accordance with the Rules there will be no General Business conducted at the meeting.




*6  Proposal: to add 34 (8) “A person may be a proxy for no more than one other person.”

And to remove the example of 54 (5) (b) and replace it with the words, “Example: if a member has been appointed proxy they will be given two ballot papers: one for the present member and one for the absent member for whom they are acting as proxy.”



We wish to insert the CoM approved proxy form into the Rules as was used for the recent SGM. This form was designed by a previous CoM and has been the standard form at Seymour FM for years. It prevents the possibility of stacking a meeting by having just one nominated proxy vote per member in attendance, and most importantly it encourages members to come and participate in SGM discussion so they can decide first hand on the motion proposed, based on the information presented, both for and against.  


It follows that we delete 54 (5) that currently reads “Example: If a member has been appointed the proxy of 5 other members, the member must be given 6 ballot papers—one for the member and one each for the other members” and that we replace it with “Example: if a voting member has been appointed proxy by another member the proxy will be given two ballot papers—one for the absent member and one for themselves.”

We propose these change to discourage ‘proxy-gatherers’ who might otherwise undermine the integrity of the voting system.



We have received advice that, in the event that it is found that our Rules of Association are inconsistent with the OHS Act 2004, the OHS Act 2004 will prevail, and that if our Rules are inadequate, we may be compelled by the law to change our Rules.


So we propose that we insert into our Rules of Association 5 (1)  So that it reads: “Subject to the Act  and all other current and relevant law including the OHS Act 2004 and Regulations the Association has power to do all things incidental or conducive to achieve its purposes.”

(the proposed additional clause is in italics above.)


To nominate a member for a position on the committee please use this Committee Nomination form.

If you are unable to attend you may appoint a proxy by using this Proxy form.


Please email completed forms to by Thursday 23rd March, 2023. 

AGM 2022.png

Thank you to all who attended our SGM and 5 Year Planning Meeting. Enjoy this little video we made.

                                                                                     -- -- -- -- -- -- 

We invite all members to a Special General Meeting on February 26, 2023, at 2 pm at our new Radio Station at 57 Pollard Street, Seymour.

We propose that we make three changes to Seymour Rules of the Association and we seek your input to Seymour FM’s next Five-Year Plan.


Seymour FM is renewing its five year broadcast licence with Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) this year and one of the licence renewal requirements is for us to review the next five years. We invite all members to join us in this planning session facilitated by our new Station Manager, Bruce Hunt-Hughes. 


We will finish with refreshments and an opportunity to take a tour of the new Station to view our progress. 




As the rules currently stand, before a member is allowed to vote, they must have been a member for 3 months. We propose that be amended to 28 days.


MOTION 1:   “To amend Rule13 (2)(b) by removing the words ‘3 months’ and replacing them with the words ‘28 days’”


Rationale: We wish to allow greater flexibility to enable new members to have voting rights earlier than three months after their membership has been formally accepted by the Committee of Management. 


MOTION 2: is to delete Rule 49 (1)(c) which currently rules that to be eligible to be elected or appointed a committee member a member must be a fully paid member for a continuous period of not less than three months prior to the date of the calling of an Annual General Meeting.


Rationale: We believe this unnecessarily delays newly fledged members from joining the committee, and that 28 days is sufficient (as in Motion 1). 



That Rule 49 (1) (c) be replaced with “the Committee may co-opt another member to join the Committee as it sees fit.”


Rationale: We believe it should be allowable for a highly qualified, skilled and experienced new member whose expertise might greatly benefit the Station to be co-opted onto the Committee of Management when the committee deems it appropriate. Their membership will go through the same initial process of formal acceptance by the Committee of Management.

RSVP Please let us know you are attending for catering purposes by emailing


If you cannot make the meeting you can still vote by using this PROXY FORM. Please email completed form to by 5pm Friday 24 February 2023.

We at 103.9 Seymour FM acknowledge that we are on Taungurung Country. We hereby express our respect for the Taungurung people, who are the Traditional Owners of the land on which we broadcast from. We pay our respects to their leaders and Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold forever the memories, traditions, culture and hopes of all Taungurung people. We express our gratitude for the sharing of this land, and our hope that we can walk forward together in harmony in the spirit of reconciliation.

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